Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Summer and Life

Well, I haven't posted in almost 4 months. And it was 3 months before that one. I hope it's not a trend.

Obviously, I've been busy. And tired. I'm told that that happens when you have three kids, so I guess I'll survive.

I've been looking forward to summer...spending time with the kids, relaxing, sleeping in once in a while. Okay, maybe not. This month has been even busier than most months during school. Swim lessons, guitar lessons, soccer camp, getting ready for a vacation. Okay, vacation seems promising: lying on the beach, listening to the waves and my kids playing, and my youngest saying, "Mom, Mom, look...Mom, Mom, look what I did...Mom, Mom..." Okay, maybe not quite like the last time I was there: on our honeymoon, no kids, no distractions. But, maybe better in some ways. My kids getting to see the ocean for the first time ever, watching them play in the waves and build sandcastles, and bury themselves in the sand...

I hope I cherish it for what it is. Along with the rest of the summer.

My youngest will start Kindergarten in the fall, my middle starts Intermediate School and my oldest will start Middle School. I'm trying not to focus on the negative: more and more places to be and things to do, less time together, moving closer and closer to the inevitable empty nest. I need to focus on the positive: my kids will one day be responsible, happy adults with lives and families of their own. But right now they are mine, and I'm going to cherish them and their lives, even in the chaos that it creates.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, I have been waiting a loooooong time for you to get back to writing. You need this!